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May 29, 2017
I just wanted to take a moment to say a few words about Curt and Shelia Moore at the Shootfire Ranch. I am a fairly new shooter and have worked with Curt a few times now. I couldn’t ask for better people to work with. They opened their home to me and their hospitality is unmatched. Curt has a way of relaying information to you in a way that will click even if you have never competed in this sport before. He has even used objects to give me a visual and not just explain the course hoping that I understand it. Not only does the Shootfire Ranch work well with new and experienced shooters they have outstanding horses too! I can speak from experience on this. I used a Shootfire horse at shoot , that I had never ridden before , and won my class! I rode the same horse the next day and placed 2nd! Even if you are new to shooting ,or horses in general , they will be able to mount you on a horse that will be safe , reliable and give you confidence. Not only are they great coaches and trainers , they are great people! Curt and Shelia are Christian people that love our Lord and it is evident in the fair and honest way they treat people. For these reasons I not only consider Curt and Shelia great people to do business with but positive role models as well as personal friends.

Mar. 07, 2017

Curt Moore and Sheila Brogan Moore…Shooting ClinicVery special folks.
Thoroughly appreciate everything you have done.

Hugh Spence



Nov. 07, 2014                                      A World Size Thank You

Well it has been a few days since the CMSA 2014 World has passed, but I want to say what a trail ride it has been. Andy Buckle I can’t Thank the both of you for the encouragement, guidance, and support that was provided during this ride.  As I look back I keep hearing what Curt keeps saying, “Smooth is Fast”; “Find your pockets”; ” Count your Balloons”; “Track your Target till it breaks then pick up the next target”.  All of these words of wisdom came to a priceless moment, when at the close of the last stage I was clean at the World and “WON” the Buckle.  I look forward to the days ahead and the next World.  It is great having the both of as part of our CMSA Family.

Andy Waymire



WOW!! What a phenomenal weekend! Nine horses in 3 days, plus mounted shooting lessons. It just doesn’t get any better than that. We had hoped to have all nine of our horses evaluated by you so we could see what kind of training we would need to secure in the future. Imagine our excitement as we watched you take our two youngest horses (one of them a 3 year old stud colt), both with no prior training front halter to saddle in two days; not to mention trailer loading for the first time. It was also a joy to watch you get our 7 year old breeding stallion back under saddle and loping around the arena after a 3-year hiatus from riding. We are looking forward to additional training and hope to use him as a back- up horse for mounted shooting.
And if all of that was not enough, you then went on to give Bill and I some very helpful mounted shooting instruction. The drills were educational and we literally shaved seconds off of our times during the practices.
All in all, the time spent was very informative and productive. We can hardly wait for your next visit so we can continue to build on this great experience.
Thank you again for a great 3-day clinic. We definitely want “Moore”! See you soon at the next shoot.

Bill and Shirley Visnoski



May 10, 2014                             A big thank you

I just wanted to drop both of you a note of thanks for getting me on the right track. I just got my first win at Tishomingo on Saturday. It was a small shoot, but it was a great day for me and Kahlua. I did have one balloon dodge my bullet out of four stages, only 6 shooters went clean. Darn the bad luck.

Can’t wait to see both of you at Graham. I have attached a picture of me and Kahlua my daughter took.

Andy Waymire

Andy Waymire Cowboy Mounted Shooting


A relaxed rider equals a relaxed pony, which means a wonderful ride. Power steering and brakes courtesy of Curt Moore. Thank you Curt and Sheila.

Lisa Potter


I want you to know how much fun I am having with my new horse.  Sammy came with a good basic foundation.  I’m building on that by teaching him to neck rein, side pass and half pass as well as refining his basic skills such as backing, standing and riding out alone.  We are making good progress with neck reining.  I just started working on side passing.  He seems to be catching on though we have a ways to go before we are opening gates.

The satisfaction I am getting in teaching Sammy these new skills is due in great part to your help through the years.  I really appreciate all the advice you have shared with me.  Without your past help, I would not have the confidence to take on the training of a three year old horse.

I look forward to introducing him to mounted shooting when he has had a time to develop more.

Ryan Smith  April 2014

I had been having trouble getting my horse Smokey to run the stages fast enough to be competitive as a SM3. Curt offered to come to the 2012 Arkansas State Championship competition to ride Smokey and assess the problem. I competed in my class and Curt competed in his while riding Smokey. Curt saw the trouble I was having as we shot the first stage. He then took Smokey to the outside arena and worked with him. I observed what Curt was doing and Curt explained why he was doing it. He then competed on Smokey. We repeated that process through the 5 stages. By the end of the competition, Smokey was running faster and I was shooting better. That was in early May. Smokey and I competed at the US Central Championship in Guthrie in June and won our class of twelve. Because my horse knew how to respond to new expectations, I won my class. Thank you Curt Moore.

Ryan Smith SM3


Just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks. I know it seems small, but our little conversation at dinner in Murfreesboro helped me quite a bit. It was also nice to spy on you as you gave a lesson down there at Guthrie. You are a true horseman and I’m glad to know you. Thanks again and take care

Doug Anderson


I went to my first Clinic with Curt Moore before the Texas State Shoot. I was very impressed how Curt worked with us and answered our questions. If we didn’t understand what he was showing us he took the time to make sure we did understand. I have only been shooting for a year and just started a new horse with no prior training in Cowboy Mounted Shooting so I was less confident, I came away from this clinic with a smile on my face and couldn’t wait to kill some balloons. Thank you Curt and Shelia! Michelle and Doc.

Michelle Hovanek SL2


I highly recommend Curt Moore and the Shootfire Ranch for all your cowboy mounted shooting training needs. Curt has great people skills along with excellent riding and shooting skills. I have worked with Curt over the past five years and have acquired a large amount of riding and course management skills. He knows when to encourage and push you to help you reach your goals in cowboy mounted shooting. Curt can detect what you and your horse need to work on. He always makes time for you at matches and helps you analyze how to run courses that fit your ability. He is generous with his time and will give you “Moore” than you expect. Pictured is a Shootfire Ranch horse, Rocky, that I bought from Curt. He is an awesome horse that has taken me to a level 3. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced shooter looking to improve your time by a couple of seconds, I highly recommend that you train with Curt Moore and the Shootfire ranch to accomplish your goals. I did!

Lou Ciferni S3


INCREDIBLE HORSE TRAINER! We have trained many weekends with Curt and have thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Shootfire Ranch. We have learned a lot and have improved our game tremendously. We highly recommend training with Curt Moore.

Charles (5) and Martha (SL3) Hallman


I’ve been shooting for about two years. I spent the first year chasing my tail. Then I started training with Curt. I went from trying to survive to having fun.” Why didn’t someone show me this before.” The past year I’ve had the privilege of traveling to several of the big shoots with Curt. At the shoot in Las Vegas I was checking my times and standing in the match. The man next to me asked me how I was doing. I said, not so good. He said, “You ride with Curt! Listen to him!” That man was World Champion John Clark.

Don’t miss the chance to train with the best of best — Curt Moore.

Mike Newbern and Cowboy S2


I have known Curt for many years and have always admired his riding and shooting abilities. Besides being a top competitor I have always found Curt to be very approachable and always willing to help new shooters. I will never forget the year I stopped at his place on the way to World for a tune up with Curt……..and low and behold I won my class!! Thanks Curt for all you do for the sport of mounted shooting.

Cheryl McLane SL4


Mike Smiler CMSI had the privilege of having Curt introduce me to the concepts of natural horsemanship at a young age before he had started mounted shooting. He taught me the concepts of pressure and release, round pen training, trailer loading, roping, beginning reining, and much much more. A couple of years ago when I decided to get into cowboy mounted shooting, I knew Curt was the man to contact. I took a trip to his ranch in Texas and he gave me a great introduction to mounted shooting. He taught me gun safety, the proper equipment to purchase, course management, how to introduce a horse to gun fire, and we had a great time doing it. We ended the week with me competing in my first shoot. Although I live over a thousand miles away, whenever I meet Curt at a match he is coaching me through the whole thing. He tells you how to attack a particular course, what I can improve on and how, and how to manage a big match (when to play it safe, and when to go for broke). It is amazing how he is there to watch every one of his many students and give them the same support. I have ridden and competed on some of the horses he’s trained, and they are so responsive, it really shows you what to strive for with your own horse. One of his best traits is his people skills. He can relate to all types of people (maybe it’s his past experience with dude ranching) and communicate to them in a way they can understand and effectively learn. I feel he is the best in the business and would recommend him to anyone. In my two seasons of shooting I have won class champion at the 2010 Indiana State Championship and the 2011 Indiana State Championship, and won class 2 and the limited division at the 2011 Midwest Regional Championship.

Mike Smiler M2


I started working with Curt Moore in 2010. It was right after my first big shoot at Guthrie, a shoot I should have won as a M1 and watched it slip away. I went to Curt and explained to him it was time to get better. I spent 3 days with Curt and he explained patterns, pockets, shot angles; all of which gave me tremendous insight in learning how to attack the courses in Cowboy Mounted Shooting.

The one thing Curt clarified for me is the saying “Smooth is Fast”. I had thought that going fast, using the shortest distance, was the fastest way; but not necessarily so. Sometime smooth is making a bigger pocket and keeping up your horse’s speed. Sometimes it is getting the proper angle in shooting a gate, or sometimes it is looking at the pattern in a way that best fits you and your horse. Curt was able to help me understand this concept.

Since working with Curt I have won the following events:

  • MSA World Champion MNP 2010- Pueblo, CO
  • Eastern Regional CMSA M1 Champion 2010- Murfreesboro, TN
  • World Double down Champion 2010- Amarillo, TX
  • World Runner up M1 2010- Amarillo, TX
  • Nationals Runner up M1 2011- Tunica, MS
  • Central US Championship Double Down Champion M2 2011- Guthrie, OK
  • Lone Star Classic Champion M2 2011- Vernon, TX
  • Lone Star Classic Double down Champion M2 2011- Vernon, TX
  • Winter Championship Eliminator Champion SM2 2012- Buckeye, AZ
  • Winter Championship Double Down Champion SM2 2012- Buckeye, AZ

I am not a bad as I use to be but not as good as I am going to get and Curt is going to help me get there.

 Jeff Potter SM2
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