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2015 CMSA World Championship | World Record Run

Learn from Expert Curt Moore Competitive Cowboy Mounted Shooting.  Cowboy Mounted Shooting is the Fastest Growing Equestrian Sport in the Nation at here is Texas is very popular.

After viewing a mounted shooting event held in Arizona in 2000, not long after the sport originated, Curt Moore decided to enter the world of mounted marksmanship, which is now America’s fastest-growing equestrian sport, and quickly rose to the top.

His first overall win came in 2002 at the Winter Olympics Mounted Shooting Expo in Salt Lake City. Since that time, he has won multiple world and national championships in pistol and rifle marksmanship in both MSA and CMSA competitions. In 2012, Curt was the Cimarron Eliminator World Champion and in 2015 he was named Reserve World Champion in that competition. Competitive Cowboy Mounted Shooting
Curt has been teaching and training competitive cowboy mounted shooting full-time for the past 15 years; as a result, many of his students have won national and world titles—a testament to his skill as a trainer.

Training and Technics

Curt can teach you all the skills required for you to become proficient in the sport and on your way to winning competitions. At the Competitive Cowboy Mounted ShootingCowboy Mounted Shooting Competition level, Curt teaches you methods and technics in slow speed that enables the shooter to improve and change bad habits. Improving things like shooting accuracy, movement, and ask and reward principles. Pattern technics, shooting fundamentals, and natural horsemanship principles are what can help make you successful.

Proven Results

Curt Moore teaches at all levels. Tara Rush is a Novice and entered in the two weekend MSA Event: Salt Creek Shootout in Boyd Texas.
Tara Rush | Cowboy Mounted Shooting She won the event in the Women’s Novice Class. “My fastest clean run yet! X pattern thanks to Curt Moore at Shootfire Ranch for the guidance throughout our learning process. If anyone needs a horse trained for mounted shooting or lessons to improve your shooting skills go see Curt. You won’t be disappointed. Three months ago I thought I would have to sell Sparky but Curt told me not to do that. I’ve been riding with Curt this summer and now Sparky and I are finally turning clean decent runs!! We still have plenty of improvement left ahead. Watch out we are making our way to the top slowly but surely! Thanks Curt!”

Learn Cowboy Mounted Shooting secrets from Curt Moore. Whether you were born in the saddle or have never been on a horse, Cowboy Mounted Shooting is an amazing sport. Curt Moore offers the best in Texas for hands-on training and expert instruction for you and your horse. Cowboy Mounted Shooting is the fastest growing Equestrian sport in the United States.

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