Cowboy Mounted Shooting Accomplishments

CMSA Cowboy Mounted Shooting

Cowboy Mounted Shooting Accomplishments of World Champion Curt Moore, owner of Shootfire Ranch.

CMSA Cowboy Mounted Shooting Champion | 2012 Cimarron World Champion Buckle

Curt Moore started mounted shooting in 2000 after watching a competition in Arizona and quickly rose to the top. He was overall champion in the 2002 Winter Olympics and is a 5 time MSA and CMSA Champion. He is a two time futurity winner and has been in the top ten cowboys for the past 12 years. Curt has been teaching and training mounted shooting full time for 10 years and has many students that have won national and world titles, proving his ability as a teacher. This clinic will cover: rules and regulations that apply to mounted shooting; gun safety and the varieties of guns, dress code and blanks; horsemanship techniques for acclimating your horse to the course and the gunfire; how to engage the target correctly; and course management and video playback for optimal instruction and results.
Curt Moore:

2016 AQHA Jeffers Nationals Overall Champion 4/16 (Riding Leddy)
2016 CMSA Jeffers Nationals Reserve Overall 4/16 (Riding Leddy)
2016 AQHA World Show Open Finals 3rd Overall 3/16
2016 Texas State Championship Overall Winner 3/16
2016 Fort Worth Stock Show Overall Winner and Shotgun
2015 North American International Livestock Expo Overall Winner
2015 Fort Worth Stock Show Mens Overall Winner ( Riding Shooting Star)
2015 February Freeze Out won Reserve Mens Overall ( Riding Shooting Star)
*Also Won Show Case Champion
2015 Texas State Shoot Men Reserve Overall
2015 Overall Winner Texas Regional Shoot in Stephenville (Riding Shooting Star)
2015 Lone Star Classic in Vernon TX before World won Shotgun (Riding Leddy)
2015 CMSA Tony Lama World Championship All Around Cowboy
*Top Ten Shotgun (Riding Leddy Grulla mare owned by Bob Haygood)
*Top Ten Rifle (Riding Chic owned by Marianne Gunlock)
*Top Ten Eliminator Reserve Champion (Riding Bucky, Owned by Allan Watts)
2014 CMSA Cowboy Mounted Shooting Class 6 Shotgun World Champion
2014 Jeffers National Championship
2013 CMSA Stephenville Trailers Central United States Championship
2013 – Tumbleweed Classic – Overall Champion 
2010 – Reserve World Champion Rifle
2009 – The Oklahoma State Championship
2006 Colt Eliminator World Champion
2006 CMSA Furturity Class World Champion
2005 CMSA Cowboy Mounted Shooting Class 6 World Champion
2005 National High Points Regional Champion
2005 Mounted Shooting World Champion (MSA)
2004 CMSA Cowboy Mounted Shooting Futurity Class World Champion
2004 CMSA Colt Eliminator Reserve Champion
2004 CMSA Pro Wrangler World Champion
2004 CMSA Cowboy Mounted Shooting Rifle World Champion
2003 CMSA Pro Class World Champion
2003 MSA National Champion
2002 SAS Class 4 World Champion
2002 Olympic Overall Champion

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