Farmersville Mounted Shooting Clinic

Cowboy Mounted Shooting | Farmersville ClinicWe had a great turn out for the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Clinic taught by Curt Moore of Shootfire Ranch on November 01, 2014 in Farmersville Texas at the Farmersville Arena managed by the Farmersville Riders Club

We had 11 new shooters and they were of all ages- young and old. There were 4 girls that ride with the Woodhaven Wranglers, there were some folks from the Farmersville Riding Club, and friends that heard about the event. Curt covered the basics of Cowboy Mounted Shooting – from History of the sport to the types of guns used and why. He reviewed the way to shoot a gun properly and did some ground work with a .22 Cap gun shooting at targets. Next everyone’s took turns in the “Circle” with their horse, shooting the .22 behind their horses. Overall all the horses did amazingly well. As the day progressed so did the size of the gun. Curt had each rider shoot 5 shots off their horse with a colt .45 at the 4 o’clock position and at balloon targets in the corners of the circle.

All were well fed with barbecued hamburgers

Everyone did fantastic and we are looking forward to the next Farmersville Mounted Shooting Clinic!

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